About Me

Here’s a little about me

Hi! I’m Mikey! I’m the founder and resident blogger at The Sport Fort. Based in sunny North Devon. If you’d like to know my passions and interests, then here’s some stuff about me…

I have been enjoying various sports for as long as I can remember. I was a keen footballer until my mid-20’s, although I do still enjoy a game of 6-a-side on a regular basis. I am a big golf enthusiast and I play around four to five times a week if I can! Before finding a love for golf, I was a massive road cycling nut. My world revolved around cycling and I loved it so much! It was only a reoccurring injury that has seen me move to more placid outings on my bike now. I’m a very occasional skier, although this mainly involves the après, but I did do a season in St Anton once, so I can ski down from the bars if I have to!

I have been writing blogs for almost five years now and it’s something I have a passion for (you’ll be able to tell from my articles with any luck!). Hopefully, we can enjoy talking about sports and sports-related topics together…. Thanks for coming by!