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My First Experience Of An Exercise Class

I try to avoid talking about myself on my blog, mainly because there are so many more interesting things for me to write about and for you to read (thanks for reading my stuff, by the way!). But, as this is still pretty fresh in my mind and I have a few things I wanted […]

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An avocado cut in half on a table next to a bowl

Can These Healthy Foods Stop Your Weight Loss?

Experts in the nutrition, fitness and health sectors are all in agreement that these never-ending fad diets or quick hits are, int he long-run, nothing but a waste of time and simply never end well for the person trying to gain results from it. However, this shouldn’t put you off from getting yourself perked up […]

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A row of colourful fruit

Sugar in Fruit: Healthy or Unhealthy?

One minute a certain food is great for us, the next minute it’s not. It’s hard for people in the know to keep up, let alone for anyone who isn’t an expert! We’re constantly hit with headlines in the media about how sugar is bad for our health and that sweets of any kind should […]

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Dog running over a massive jump that only horses should be able to jump

5 Sports for Dogs and Dog Lovers!

We all love dogs, and if you don’t then you need a pretty good reason not to! For the lovers of the four-legged friend, there are lots of ways they can stay entertained and fit as a fiddle. I love watching dogs having a good time. So, if you have a pooch of your own, […]

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VIDEOS: My Favourite Workout Songs

Music is a lot about personal taste, and I have the best taste in music, so you should listen to me, unconditionally! Of course, I say this tongue in cheek but in terms of getting mentally prepared for doing any form of exercise, listening to music is an almost unrivalled addition people benefit from.

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