Month: October 2017

VIDEOS: My Favourite Workout Songs

Music is a lot about personal taste, and I have the best taste in music, so you should listen to me, unconditionally! Of course, I say this tongue in cheek but in terms of getting mentally prepared for doing any form of exercise, listening to music is an almost unrivalled addition people benefit from.

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A golf course in winter

Your Essential Guide to Winter Golf (and How to Stay Warm!)

If you’ve been out on the course recently, you will probably have figured out that we’re now in the realms of the plugging fairways and softer greens, oh and trickier than usual roughs! Obviously, playing in the winter affects people in different ways and depends on a few factors, such as the course you play […]

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A single conker on a string ready for battle!

How Do I Play Conkers?

It’s October now, and that means that the conkers are flourishing up and down the country. This is a game that took up all of my lunchtimes at primary school, and quite a lot of my time after school too with prepping my laces, finding the right conkers to lead me to victory and soaking […]

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