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Rory Mcilroy watching his shot

Mikey’s Opinion: The Coolest Swings on the PGA Tour

Choosing the best swing on tour is great. Why? Well, because there’s no right or wrong answer, if you like how Bubba sends them out there off the tee, or if you dribble at the sight of Phil waving those wands that are his wedges then that’s absolutely fine.

As an amateur golfer, in the higher handicap region, it’s often pretty helpful to watch how the pros do it on the big stage. You might not always be able to swing like your favourite player due to their extreme flexibility, or just their out-there technique, but you can definitely take inspiration. If all else fails, you can wear whoever they are sponsored by to feel closer to your idol!

So, let’s just take a peruse over some of my own personal favourite swings, shall we?

In no particular order:

Adam Scott

Adam Scott was always going to make my list. He’s just unbelievable when it comes to the reliability of his balance through his swing. There ain’t too many boys out on the course that can rival that kind of stability, that’s for sure! If you want to take advice on posture, Adam’s your man. Just watch him in action and take note.

Video: PGA TOUR/YouTube


Bubba Watson

Bubba is the guy who threw the rulebook out when it came to his swing. In fact, he’s self-taught, which would explain the lack of textbook-ness. Let’s not take anything away from Bubba though; he knows what he’s doing out there, even when he’s losing his temper! He’s very much a marmite player; you either love the guy or hate him, and I’m in the love category. Bubba makes me remember why it’s not always necessary to follow everyone else and to be your own player. We aren’t robots, and when Bubba is on form, he’s simply unstoppable! He hits over 300 yards on average but is way down on accuracy (around 150th), but that’s ok if you can save it with your next shot, right?

Check out the front foot off the ground on the takeaway, and the super long backswing that manages to stay on plane and then tell me why this guy shouldn’t make my list, I dare you!

Video: Robert Wilson/YouTube


Phil Mickelson

Another lefty to make the list. Phil Mickelson is a beautiful player to watch, pure and simple. It was only in 2016 that he changed his swing, which saw a few blips, as you’d expect, but now he’s harnessing it and things look good. There were occasions when he slipped back to the old swing, but it was to be expected, under such pressure.

So, what has the new swing brought to Phil’s game? Primarily, a change to a more athletic, upright posture. This opened the door for Phil to get the club in a better position at the top of the swing, thus creating a more compact movement when returning the club to the ball — something all the guys at the top of their game go for. I like Phil as a pro, and he’s magic!

Watch the video and revel in the talent:

Video: Jerry’s Golf Gems/YouTube


Ernie Els

I’m going to keep this short and sweet as there really isn’t an awful lot to say as the swing speaks for itself. Ernie Els has maintained the same timing to his effortless swing since turning pro in 1989. It’s just so clear to understand why they call 6’3″ Els “The Big Easy.” He’s also made my list as he was one of the first golfers I watched as a kid…

Video: Golf Monthly/YouTube


Rory McIlroy

Rory is your go-to if you’re a player who wants to see how to swing with sensational levels of power and torque in the lower body. Obviously, Rory is one of, if not the world’s most well-known players still playing right now (don’t want to upset the Tiger fans). I enjoy watching how Rory manages to get wide in the backswing early doors. Yes, there are others who do just that, but the big Irish lad uses the ground and snaps his hips through impact in unison, like BAM!

Watch and wait for the boom:

Video: Tony Bruce/YouTube


Rickie Fowler

My list wouldn’t be complete without Rickie. He may not be the best on the tour, and he’ll never always dominate the leader boards, but he’ll be a legend in my eyes solely because I just think he’s so cool to watch. He has helped the game so much by encouraging younger players to swing a club, ones that wouldn’t have tried if there weren’t people like Rickie on the tour. He’s part of the new wave, and while I am an advocate of the golfing traditions (not all) I think golf needs to move with the times, and Rickie, while not alone, is pushing the envelope.

Rick’s swing has seen some huge alterations since his meteoric rise to the big time back in 2010. Renowned coach Butch Harman was brought in in 2013 to help Rickie’s swing. Now that he doesn’t drag his hands away on the inside, causing the club to be massively out of the line with his hands, which left room for variable striking, he has seen his game improve. Now Rick’s radius is far better, and that’s because Butch focused on his takeaway and not much else. If I could be a modern player, I’d be Rick.

Video: Golf Monthly/YouTube


Special mentions

These go to Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth, and Dustin Johnson. They might make my next list, somewhere in the future because I really like what those guys are doing. I may have excluded DJ from the list, purely because it might seem too ‘mainstream’, so maybe I’ll do a special feature just for him as he’s awesome and very cool!


Image credit: Philip Wilson

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