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Jordan Henderson on Soccer AM

Soccer AM Skill School – Liverpool Special

I am, for all my sins, a self-confessed Liverpool FC fan and have been since the age of around five or six. I also used to love every Saturday morning coming around so that I could get into full football mode after a long week of school.

The usual Saturday would kick off (pardon the pun) with watching Soccer AM, followed by getting my football kit together and then walking into town to meet a few of the other boys to head down to the ground for our game. We would all use up at least half of our ten free texts to talk about the soccer skills section on Soccer AM.

For those who don’t know, Wiki describes Soccer AM as a ‘British football-based comedy/talk show, produced by Sky Sports. First broadcast in 1995, the programme currently airs on Sky 1, and Sky Sports Football at 10 am on Saturdays during the football season. ‘ Within the show, one of the presenters would visit the training ground of a selected club and have a showdown of sorts, whereby two players would vie against each other in a skills battle in front of the rest of the team.

So, in homage to this section of the show that catches the attention of me and so many other boys and girls into footy, I’ve compiled a handful of the Liverpool-related skill schools. Some of the footage is a bit shady, along with the haircuts (uh hum, Jordan Henderson), but it’s fun to watch all the same.

I’ve not featured them in any particular order, but I’d be keen to know who you think would be the overall champ!

Danny Ings Skill School


Jordan Henderson Skill School


Raheem Sterling Skill School


Liverpool v Borussia Dortmund Skill School 


Who had the best/worst skills back in the day, and who hasn’t gotten any better since then? Let me know what your opinions on Facebook and Twitter!


Videos and image courtesy of Soccer AM/YouTube.

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