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VIDEOS: My Favourite Workout Songs

Music is a lot about personal taste, and I have the best taste in music, so you should listen to me, unconditionally! Of course, I say this tongue in cheek but in terms of getting mentally prepared for doing any form of exercise, listening to music is an almost unrivalled addition people benefit from.

Now, I’m no Mr Motivator, but I know that I cannot go anywhere without my headphones, whether it be to go shopping, on a training ride on my turbo trainer, a run around the park, or on my way to work each morning. I’m definitely not alone here and listening to music is proven to stimulate the mind and help you focus. Not only this, listening to the right music can get you prepared for the task at hand, research consistently finds that listening to music distracts athletes from their “bodily awareness”. What’s more, a recent study found that not just listening, but controlling and creating music in time to one’s pace had an even more profound effect on perceived effort during a workout.

This brings me on to the point of the article at hand: my favourite songs to get motivated for exercise, keep me going and then the songs to listen to once the madness has stopped! If you’re looking for some inspiration, or you want to know what’s in my ears when you see me, here’s what you need to know.


What are the best songs to do a workout to?

Here’s your answer (IMO)…

I wake up and have a healthy breakfast. During this time, I like to lift my spirits and put a smile on my face. To achieve this, I listen to:


Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl), Looking Glass

You’ll probably recognise this from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. It’s a good hip wiggler to shimmy about to!

Breakfast is out the way, and now it’s time to get showered up. Shower songs largely depend on daily mood, but I like to push play on a sure-fire track:

Dancing Song, Little Comets

That’s a pretty short song, so the playlist will usually roll into this gem:

Need to Know (feat. Iman), Wilkinson

Getting dressed and limbered up for the task at hand usually requires something a little heavier, so I move into something like:

That’s Not Me (feat, D Double E, Tempa T, President T, Sox & Jaykae), [Remix], Skepta

I’m (probably) ready to go out now, so for this, I’m scrolling onto the mixes I have stored away. A timeless mix that never fails to keep me going at the right level is this one:

Girl Trapz 9, Benzi

So, I’m home now and I need some music to stretch off and cool down to. I’m now picking something like this:

Kiara, Bonobo

and this, which is one of my favourite songs EVER…

Bring it on Home to Me, Sam Cooke

That just about does it! Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration. Just to let you know, this was a brief overview of just one of the lineups I’d go with. I’m missing SO MANY tunes that I live on before, during and after exercise, and I feel bad about leaving them out. But, we’d be here all day otherwise, and I know you want to try these tunes out when you exercise, don’t you?


Videos/playlist courtesy of: FilmDaily, Little Comets, RAM Records, 3 Beat, BENZI Pro Unlimited, Ninja Tune, strictlyOldies.


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