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Walt Buchberger in the first WIinter Olympic Games

Winter Olympics Trivia Quiz

The Olympic Winter Games is a major international sporting event which takes place once every four years, and, as the name suggests, is for sports executed on snow and ice. We’re slowly beginning to see a build-up in terms of the coverage the Winter Olympics gets on TV, radio and on social media, and to get you readied and in the mood for it, I’ve made a fun but testing quiz for you to try and triumph over…

Think you know your trivia? Well, I can tell you that after testing this out on a handful of people that this is going to be a tricky little test for you. Of course, there should be no cheating, so close that Google search tab and see if you can get full marks!


Who will be Hermann Maier and who will be Eddie the Eagle?




As always, let me know how you got on through our social media channels and share with your friends!

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